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On a burning summer afternoon in the Queen City we sat down with singer/songwriter and outstanding musician Jason Herring. Known for his long history in various groups out of the Carolina music scene, Jason has been making waves for years with his group Jason Herring and the Mystery Plan. We caught up for some of his latest news, a little background history and thoughts on music. The city streets of Charlotte offer something bright and genuine as Herring and friends have much music to give.

1.Hey Jason howre you today bro its good to talk to you.

J: 1. I am doing great. Its always good to talk with you, Gid.

2. You too thank you bro. Tell us a little about your music history. What inspired you to pic up a mic and start singing in a band?

J: I started playing music back in college, 1990. First I was a drummer, but the guys I was playing with knew a better drummer, so they moved me to lead singer. That band went on to become MOONBURN. Then came the INTERSTELLARS, LATINO CHROME, FARFALLA, MUCHACHO, and the MYSTERY PLAN.

3.Yeah okay I remember those bands. All cool days. Growing up were there classic albums that really spoke to you and why?

J: My Dad was a Radio DJ in Columbia and Charlotte, so I was introduced to good music early on. I remember really being into do-wop, soul music, then Steely Dan.

4.You seem like you enjoy many styles of music. Were you influenced by certain ones and in what ways?

J: I'.ve been mostly influenced by a bands, or singer's, emotional content. The bands I go back to most are the ones that made me feel things across genres.  

5.Favorite concerts over the years?

J: Favorite concerts? Prince, Cocteau Twins, Sam Prekop, Portishead, Massive Attack, Hall and Oats.

6.You also do some DJ work. How did you get into doing this and how does it help you as an outlet for your creativity?

J: I started DJing to help pay the bills. Recording and performing original music, especially moody folk music, doesn’t pay that well. So DJing kept me listening to new and old jams, but I helped keep a roof over my head. 

7.What has inspired your songwriting in recent days?

J: I am happily married, to Amy, and have a beautiful daughter together. We have been writing about more happier things; dreams , friends, even sex (Electric Love). She is easing me into writing less sad material.

8.Tell about the Mystery plan. How did this group come together and how would you describe the sound?

J: Our full length, Queensland Ballroom (produced by John Fryer (Cocteau Twins, This Mortal Coil, Dead Can Damce, Depeche Mode, Lush...) was released last September. The 2nd single, "the Golden Moon and Silvery Sea", is getting some good traction. We are trying to keep the momentum going with jumping right back in the studio. We have been recording with Paul Jensen and Rob Taviglione, and have about 5 or 6 new songs for you. Look for new record first of the year. 

9.What are some of your favorite films and why? I know you are a big Blade Runner fan. And favorite books?

J: Favorite films...All Star Wars, Blade Runner, Papillon, Foot Fist Way (because I'm in that one), Breathless.. My favorite books..."Sex, drugs, and coco puffs" Chuck Klosterman, "Banco"- Henri Charriere.

10.What other ways to you express your creativity than music?

J: I do a lot of writing and drawing. I also do some acting.

11.What have been some of your favorite shows from your performance history?

J: Most memorable shows are when we opened for Spiritualized, His Name is Alive, and played in front of 22,000 kids at the 106.5 Weenie Roast.

12.What advice would you give new artists? Any news for your fans?

J:  I would tell new artists to be yourself, stop following trends, because trends fade, and to stay at it. You are going to have to love it. Thank you for reading this, please keep an eye out for our new record, and tour dates this fall with the VELDT!!!!


Thanks to Jason and company. Here is a link for their video "Always" (from the album, Chateau Beaumont. 2012 Ten Millimeter Omega Recordings shot and cut by Jay Thomas)